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Oracle OpenWorld CX Update

OpenWorld Makes CX a Big Focus

This CXM.tv video blog post shares the top CRM and Customer Experience software take-aways from the 2012 Oracle OpenWorld conference. This year's OpenWorld heavily featured the Oracle CX software suite. Despite innovation in SaaS, social CRM, mobility and big data, CRM software utility has remained largely unchanged for almost two decades, and interestingly, one of the core goals that has remained elusive since the beginning of CRM is achieving a customer-centric business model. For Oracle, this void has opened the door to its new Customer Experience (CX) software suite and the next application software growth sector. Oracle CX is a suite of integrated point solutions and the company's enabling technology to aid CX business strategies. To understand the promise and pitfalls of Oracle CX, Chuck explores the business opportunity and the challenges which stand in the way of achieving CX success. Finally, this narrative considers how Oracle Fusion CRM is achieving slow but steady customer adoption, and shares Oracle Fusion CRM customer comments as to the benefits and drawbacks of this new flagship CRM software product.

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