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Is there a CX software sector?

It's pretty clear that Customer Experience Management (CEM, CXM or CX) is a well founded business strategy with measurable objectives, systemic business processes and supporting analytics; but what's not so clear is whether there is a CX software market sector to support this business strategy. So is there a CX software industry? Gartner says no. Forrester says yes. Paul Greenberg says no. Several CRM and enterprise software vendors say yes. This CX video blog post puts vested interests aside and looks at CX strategy, enabling technologies, and whether there is a CX software technology market.



Oracle CX Update from OpenWorld

This video blog post recaps the top CRM software and Customer Experience software take-aways from the Oracle OpenWorld 2012 conference. OpenWorld heavily featured the Oracle CX software suite and Oracle looks to expand its new Customer Experience (CX) software suite as the next application software growth sector. For reference, Oracle CX is a suite of integrated and purpose built point solutions as well as the company's enabling technology to aid CX business strategies. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of Oracle CX, Chuck explores the business opportunity and the challenges that stand in the way of achieving CX success.




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