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 CXM.tv Capgemini's Ron Tolido

CRM & CX Advice from Capgemini

A CRM & CX Discussion with Ron Tolido of Capgemini

In this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM or CX) conversation with Capgemini's Ron Tolido, he shares the most pressing business problem facing business leaders—the renewed interest in Customer Experience Management and the business mandate to focus on the customer in order to respond to increased customer demands, growing number of engagement channels and challenged customer loyalty. Ron also aptly advises that CRM is part of CX, not the other way around, and explains how leading businesses are leveraging social media or social CRM to add value to CX and CRM strategies, by applying a strong focus on customer demographics and vendor relevancy, and choosing whether to compete on price, product portfolio, service or customer experience (but not on all these dimensions as it’s a myth that you can compete in each of these areas.) Finally, we discuss best practices in CRM software selection and deployment.

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